Family Definition For Me

Families are an integral part of our lives. As a child we grew up and lived with the family, father, mother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, and so on. Childhood experience when it brings us to the maturity of thinking about life. Affection which parents are given as the main family we bring great influence to our lives.

Thankful we were born from families who give love to us. Imagine if we did not have parents who love us, or are in a family environment that knows no god. Of course it will give a psychological impact for ourselves. And not little children who fall into the black world as a family ‘broken home’. Behavior that is hard from the surrounding environment causes us to easily emotions and suspicious to others around us.

Religious understanding is also not far from the influence and upbringing of the family. When we are born of pious family kesholehan the influence it will be seen from our behavior, even though it is not guaranteed. Similarly, when we are born and bred from a family who disobey God, then the effects may also be felt in our lives. Very few people can get out of the bad influence of the family, although it is not the impossible happen.

The same thing will happen also when we begin to become parents, children who begin to grow bigger and familiar surroundings. Our existence will determine the child’s way of life the next. When we and the environment provides a good example will deliver value to the child. In contrast is the same bad environment will hamper the child’s psychological development. So we need to learn how to be a good parent for our children.


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